I wanna be a firefighter! |Chamber Curbside Conversation

We are on a Chamber Curbside Conversation today with Deputy Chief Alex Paul and we’re just going to talk a little bit about being part of the fire department and what they’ve all got coming up. 

In October we have Fire Prevention Week, every year it’s the first week of October, so this year it’s October 3 through 10th. This year it’s called Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen. 

Our staffing compliment here is 44 suppression firefighters spread across four platoons. So that’s four platoons of 11 as well we have some day staff for administration and 2 full time fire inspectors. 

If someone wants to become a firefighter, our minimum hiring requirements are NFPA 1001 level two firefighter. There’s a number of Fire colleges throughout Canada that offer that training and, they can be locked up online.

You can also look at our website, www.pafire.ca and it has all the requirements to become a firefighter. Along with the fire training we also require that you have a valid class 3A driver’s license or better, and an EMR certification or better.

Watch our website, we’ll always announce when we’re doing the recruitment process. We typically run our recruiting process in the fall late summer to fall. The posting will be up for approximately one month and then after the closing date, we will select candidates to come in, they’ll write an exam, swim test, and a physical test and then, assuming they pass any and all of those tests will bring them in for an interview and placement onto a shortlist.