SMBA Nomination

Nomination of SMBA

Micro Enterprise of the Year Award

This award recognizes a small business with one to five employees that has demonstrated significant business achievement growth and/or other significant business milestones in the past year.

Diversity in the workplace award – This award will be presented to the business or organization that has excelled in developing and implementing workplace diversity strategies and programs that recruit and engage indigenous people, visible minorities and/or persons with disabilities.

Indigenous Business Award – This award honors excellence and focuses on the successes of Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs. The award offers the recipient an authentic space to showcase their achievements, build bridges between Prince Albert’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous economies, and celebrate success, diversity and inclusion.

Business Leader of the Year– The Business Leader of the Year Award recognizes Business leaders in the Prince Albert & District who ensure that their employees are at the heart of their success. Entrants are expected to show how they invest in their staff, engage and include them in the business and outline what it is they do that makes for a happy and healthy workforce. This could include providing a supportive working environment via adopting family-friendly initiatives, developing positive measures to enable employee development, and taking a proactive approach to recognizing and rewarding employee contributions.

Business Transformation Award– Presented to a business or organization that has completed renovations or restored a property or building that already exists within the last two years and the improvements of this property have shown a positive impact on its surrounding community.

Non-Profit Organization Award– This award is presented to the organization that exemplifies excellence and innovation in their programs, projects, and partnerships.  Their commitment to growth and expanded programs, as well as service, community involvement, sustainable practices and/or job creation/ development demonstrates a dedicated focus on achieving their vision and mandate

New Venture- This award is presented to a new business venture established within the last two years that has already shown exceptional performance in terms of current or expected profitability.

Community Involvement- This award is presented to the business or community organization demonstrating exceptional performance in its support of the arts and culture, tourism, amateur sports, education, health care or voluntary groups.

Service Award- This award recognizes exceptional performance in providing services (wholesale and retail trade, purchasing and distribution, transportation, brokering, professional services, communications, financial).

Young Entrepreneur- This award recognizes an entrepreneur between the ages of 18-35 who has achieved great success in the start-up and operation of a new or existing business, has long-term goals and demonstrates innovation by adapting to marketplace challenges resulting in a competitive advantage. The Young Entrepreneur recipient is proving to be on his/her way to becoming a prominent business leader.

Business of the Year– This award will be presented to a business that has demonstrated success and exceptional performance in the above categories. The finalists will be selected from all applications received in the other categories.

Marketing Award– This award is presented to the business demonstrating exceptional performance in the execution of a successful marketing strategy.