Welcome to another Chamber Curbside Conversation with Huseyin Gumus. He’s going to talk a little bit today about what his business is and does.

Huseyin’s company is HM +M Consultancy & Technical Services Limited in Prince Albert. It is a local company established in 2013.

“As a company owner I have experience and extensive experience in North Africa and Middle East. What we’re trying to do is trying to meet and introduce manufacturers suppliers of from Canada to Middle East and North Africa. We are mainly interested in, non off-the-shelf items. It can be from heavy equipment machinery and also can be farming equipment. And also we doing, General trading, and we doing in the health sector activities and we also ITN similar products.

We have people on the ground in in the UK in England and Germany, Romania and Turkey and Azerbaijan, and in North Africa. Our aim is as mentioned, is trying to do general trading but with a little niche. We can provide introductions to manufacturers and suppliers, for actual demanded items that are products that they cannot find off-the-shelf.

We are hoping to hear from people or companies would be interested to reach out to other markets. However, we also tried to bring unique products into Canada, from other countries.

One of them is Angel Eye, and Angel Detect, two systems that we are their product management in Canada. One of them is drowning detection in swimming pools and other one is temperature and mask detection in areas where the operators would like to see and detect people’s temperature. This is just a tape tablet mount looks like a tablet, sitting on the table and detecting people’s temperature and whether there’s a mask or not. So again, these are products that we are marketing, and we are very happy to announce that Angel Eye is really a life saving product, and we want to see that implemented and installed the most hotels, and other public swimming pools. If anybody wants to ask any questions, they can contact me and we’ll give more details about the products.”


Synopsis: HM +M Consultancy & Technical Services is a local company in the City of Prince Albert SK who can bring items to Canada from around the world.
3 of the items they are marketing include:
1-ANGEL EYE – an artificial intelligence drowning detection system for pools.
2- THERMA-I – Covid contactless temperature screening solution Both above products are from : https://www.spscuk.com HM +M is the product marketing and management partner of the manufacturer for Canada
3- Covid-19 PCR rapid test kits From : https://www.a1lifescience.com.tr
HM +M Consultancy & Technical Services is the authorized distributor for Saskatchewan-Alberta, Canada. HM+M can be reached at (306) 940-7532 or visit https://business.princealbertchamber with any of your questions on these products.