Diana Wooden

Candidate Ward 7

Diana Wooden Candidate Ward 7

Diana Wooden, 2020 Candidate Ward 7 Prince Albert, SK

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Dawn Kilmer

Dawn Kilmer

Ward 7 Candidate 2020

Dawn Kilmer PLATFORM & BIO

Hello Ward 7 Constituents, 

My name is Dawn Kilmer and I am asking for your vote in the upcoming Municipal Election on November 9, 2020.  I want to represent you on Prince Albert City Council!

My husband Pete and I moved to Prince Albert in 1980, where we raised our two daughters, Cait and Ali.  Since then, our family has grown with the addition of our granddaughter, Elle.   Prince Albert has provided so much for our family that  now I feel it is an important time to step up and play a role in building the direction our community will take over the next four years.

When we moved to Prince Albert, I came to Pete’s hometown to help set up the Zellers store in the brand new mall!   When our first daughter was born, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher and took advantage of the University  of Saskatchewan classes offered here and, with the support of my neighbours, fulfilled my dreams. 

  With a snap of my fingers, I had 29 years of teaching experience in the classroom with 20 of those years in leadership positions in the largest high school in Saskatchewan, Carlton Comprehensive Public High School.  As a teacher and principal, I have had the privilege to work with people and groups from a variety of walks of life, cultures and interests.  Together we accomplished many community initiatives such as raising money for Victoria Hospital Foundation, building athletics, and feeding kids in schools just to name a few. We have done amazing work and will continue to; our future is limitless. 

Throughout my life I have been actively engaged as a learner through a variety of opportunities.   I have been continually  involved in extra-curricular activities, as I understand this is a critical part of the students’ educational experience and brings rewards to our city.  I am a hardworking and reliable member of our community.  I am dedicated to building strong relationships, fostering open mindsets and creating a city-wide culture in our community.   I will do this by listening, discussing and using a distributive leadership approach to develop solutions that embrace inclusion and diversity of our growing community.  

  Prince Albert will face many challenges during the next few years.  I see those challenges as opportunities to  embrace and grow local business, encourage development of neighbourhood groups/clubs,  develop healthy, affordable outdoor/indoor spaces for community use and continue to build our infrastructure.

I look forward to meeting you to discuss your thoughts and ideas for our city and Ward 7,  


Dawn Kilmer

Vote Dawn Kilmer Candidate Ward 7 Prince Albert SK

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