Municipal Elections will be held November 9th, 2020. The Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce will be hosting public Virtual Candidates Forums from October 27th to 30th. All candidates running for City Mayor, R.M. Reeves and Council positions are welcome to participate.

The Chamber invites the public to submit questions which we will moderate, and present the most relevant to the candidates during the forum. Please choose a link below for the form to ask your question, or text our hotline at 306-961-3333.  Click here to register for the forums.

The Chamber will also post information provided to us by candidates regarding their platforms, announcements and community appearances. All candidates are invited to provide the Chamber with this information by sending it to [email protected]. Chamber members will be notified about this this information through our website, newsletter and other channels.



Upcoming Candidate Appearances/Events:

September 17th, 2020 – Mayoral Candidate Darryl Hickie to make an announcement and update the citizens on the State of the City of Prince Albert.  Chamber members are invited to attend an event on Thursday September 17, where Darryl Hickie will make an important announcement regarding affordability for Prince Albert citizens.

Where: Victoria Square Building, 2345 10th Ave West, Prince Albert, SK

When: 10:30 AM. Please arrive early to set up and observe social distancing guidelines. Mr. Hickie will give brief remarks and then be available for questions from the media.