Zabi Ullah - Green Hill Lodge & Suites - I Am The Chamber

“Don’t be afraid to take the risks that scare you the most. It may be the opportunities you missed because of your fear”. It was this advice that encouraged Zabi Ullah to help build the success of Green Hill Lodge and Suites , a Seniors’ care home, serving the elderly of our community. Zabi is the Operations Director.
“Our business has been serving the Prince Albert community for 5 years,” says Zabi. “Our business is unique because we try to provide a home like environment to our seniors, aiming to maintain their integrity, independence and mental and physical health.”Zabi immigrated to Prince Albert in the middle of a cold snowy winter. His first spring became his favourite memory.
“I was anxious of being in an unfamiliar city, not knowing anyone. I remember my first spring sitting by the river, a coffee in hand and, the snow started to break and flow with the river. It was the most remarkable and majestic scene I had ever seen. I remember feeling a sense of peace in that moment, thinking, how life changes and finds a way to break through the harshness and adversity, only when it’s the right time. Since that day, I go to the river and watch the snow flow with the current, every year. It never fails to amaze me”.
Zabi went on to become a part of the business community. His approach is to, “Believe in yourself before asking anyone to believe in you. An idea is only as good as you believe it to be”.
“I am a chamber member because I take pride in being a contributing member of the community. I take pride in being part of an organization that is safeguarding the interests of the small businesses, adapting and offering guidance, support and services in unprecedented conditions yet evolving according to the needs and demands to serve the diverse industries that support our community.”
Zabi, thank you for bringing your contribution of business excellence to our community and the Chamber.
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