Tanya Tootoosis Northern Lights Casino

Tanya Tootoosis is a familiar face at the Northern Lights Casino in Prince Albert, having been there for over 22 years. She was here visiting relatives when first hired by the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Association (SIGA)
“I believed in SIGA’s Mission Statement and their guiding principles,” Tanya explains, as to why she signed on with them.
Her roles have included being Shift Supervisor and Integrity Management. She attributes much of her success with the Casino to mentoring by General Manager, Richard Ahenakew.
As a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Tanya shares her expertise. “I joined the Chamber because I am interested in advocacy for local businesses.”
Tanya enjoys being home with her family and lives by sage advice to, “March to the beat of your own drum and be who you are as you are.” As for our city, Tanya most admires, “It’s beautiful landscaping.”
In the future Tanya hope to be able to, “travel and gain new experiences.”
Thank you Tanya, for bringing your skills to the Chamber and the community.
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