Robert Bratvold Board Member Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce

As Director of Education for the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division, Robert Bratvold represents the connection between Education and Business on the Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce Board.

“Having grown up in a family-run business, I see the value that great businesses bring to individuals and communities,” explains Robert. “I serve the Chamber to support and enhance that value for my community.  I also think that any opportunity to strengthen the relationship between Education and Industry is a good thing.”

Robert chose to work with Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division because it had a strong reputation as a leader in many areas of education.

“It was an attractive employer AND Prince Albert had many things my family was interested in: dance, sports, music, theatre, fine arts, close to lakes and parks, and many more,” recalls Robert. “I am proud that it has created a city full of opportunities and amenities, but still has a “small town” feel.”

Robert has a strong connection to nature. Paddling a remote lake or river in Northern Saskatchewan, camping or just being in his yard working on garden projects are amoung Robert’s favourite activities.

His dream life would be to live a self-directed life without any financial burdens, possibly while sporting a mullet.

His words to live by in real life; “When you have a significant decision to make you should read, research, learn and seek the advice of experts and others you trust BUT in the end do what you think is best, not what your neighbour or parent or guru says.  (If it turns out well, then all is good, if it turns out poorly at least you won’t have the additional regret of not doing what you thought best.)

Thank you Robert, for bringing your unique perspective to the Chamber in Prince Albert.