Kathy Borysiuk - Killarney Kastle

Killarney Kastle sits on the corner of 6th Ave and 19th Street, an nostalgic reminder of earlier times in Prince Albert.

Restoring the building, built by Andrew Holmes in 1912, has been a labour of love for Owner Kathy Borysiuk in recent years. Drawing on her Irish ancestry, she has transformed it into Licensed Eatery and Pub. Patrons are able to enjoy the unique ambiance of this hidden gem in Killarney Pub, the Dining Room, on the ‘Paddy-o’, or up on the Balcony overlooking the city.

Kathy, also offers Farm Flavor Catering and Individual Meal Services. She is fast becoming known for Designer Meals, which she tailors to accommodate individual diet needs.

“I will design menus to suit peoples’ preferences and budgets,” explains Kathy, noting most people arrange for curbside pickup. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to ‘heat and serve’ home cooked meals with their chosen ingredients.

It is this willingness to adjust her services to her customers that has allowed Kathy to build enduring relationships with her customers and local people.

“People should never quit. Believe in the vision you have and never quit,” she encourages. “We are community. Our strength is the people who have joined together to make it strong.”

That perspective is why Kathy is a member of the Chamber. “The Chamber cultivates community. All of us working together and looking out for each other…and wanting success for each other.”

“People come and go, but when your heart is in business in a city, you have an interest in the success of the city.”

Thank you Kathy, for creating this remarkable business and your service to our residents.

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