Cody Demerais - Limitless GearCody Demerais stepped out of challenging personal circumstances with a thought that revolutionized his life.

“When you believe you have the ability and capacity to do great things in life, that’s when life becomes limitless”.

On that foundation, Cody established the Limitless Gear Clothing brand out of the trunk of his car in 2017. Notably, Cody says the idea of owning a brand stemmed from a project he completed in Grade 1. He now considers himself a metis entrepreneur with a mission to help people.


“Limitless is a motivational, Inspirational Lifestyle Clothing brand that helps people understand their full potential by the messages we share,” explains Cody.

In addition to gaining the support of the community for his product, Cody has become a sought-after speaker to address students. He has won a Metis Inspirational award and was named a finalist for Young Entrepreneur in the 2020 Samuel McLeod Business Awards.

“Every day in business is a new day,” says Cody. “And I appreciate the business environment we have.”

“It’s why I am a Chamber member. Our community is full of fantastic business men and women, and I enjoy conversations with others about business and life.”

Cody the Chamber appreciates the enthusiasm and vision you bring.

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