Prince Albert City Hall - Photo by Donna Barr

Prince Albert City Hall

Prince Albert – On January 27, 2020 City Council voted on the Plastic Check Out Bag Bylaw, we applaud the City for taking the lead on the environment impact of plastic bags.   We advocated on behalf of our members for the City to remove 5a which stated:
A retail business or food service business may provide a paper checkout bag to a customer at the customer’s request, for a minimum fee of .15$ per paper checkout bag.
The clause above was removed from the Bylaw.

Based on member feedback we also recommended:

  1. Let the federal government complete its process to put a solution in place, We don’t want to implement something that is a burden to our retailers, only to have everything change nationally.    The Chamber recognized that this wouldn’t put the City on the map as being the 1st Saskatchewan City to ban plastic check out bags, so let’s
  2. Amend the bylaw –make it effective 1 year from now.  The City would still be the first to have the bylaw in place, but Council would have given businesses a real opportunity to come up with a solution.

We will continue to work with the City on behalf of our members to find a solution for those that have a supply of Plastic Bags that can’t use up by August 1, 2020.
Any questions or concern, please contact:
Elise Hildebrandt
Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce
E: ehildebrandt@princeablertchamber.com
Ph: 306-764-6222