The federal budget released April 19, 2021 has a number of points that should benefit business owners in the local area, according to Elise Hildebrandt, CEO Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce.

“We are pleased to see the pandemic relief wage and rent subsidy programs extended to September. It is good news for many impacted businesses, as is the carbon rebate for the agricultural industry” said Hildebrandt.

“It is also promising that there is a proposed tax credit toward certain ‘green’ investment projects,” Hildebrandt continued. “Our hope is that investors will see this area as a favourable environment to establish new industries.”

Hildebrandt also said that the $60 million commitment to the Vido-InterVac Centre (a vaccine manufacturing facility) in Saskatoon, is a win for the province.

“Whenever a project of that magnitude is started in one of our cities, it has an impact on everyone. We are very glad to see this world class technology centre going ahead.”

Hildebrandt acknowledged that the deficit is unprecedented, however, “This budget has been presented in some very challenging times. Right now we will work with the positives and move forward with them.”