Welcome to our Chamber Curbside Conversation this morning with Mona from the Coronet.  She’s here to tell us a little bit about their Christmas collection of gifts they have available, (which helps support the Victoria Hospital Foundation.)

As you can see we have the most gorgeous birdhouses available. We have them in different styles, different colors. Some would make great in-house ornaments; some would actually be fabulous outside.  There are birdhouses for the serious collectors: we’ve got Saskatchewan Rough Riders, who we all are very much missing at this time, Toronto Blue Jays, who made a great run this year, surprisingly enough.  These gorgeous birdhouses are local and available for curbside pickup if you need.  Probably the best part is that when you purchase a birdhouse all of the funds go directly to the Victoria Hospital Foundation.

The story of who makes these birdhouses is every bit as interesting as the birdhouses themselves. The birdhouses are made by John Remai, who is my boss. And as many of you know, built the Coronet in the mid 60’s. Mr. Remai could be close to 90, I’m thinking, and every day goes to the office, and then over to his shop to produce these fabulous houses, so you know that they’re built to last for a very long time. He paints them, and comes up with the most incredible designs, and I just think they make a fabulous addition, and a great idea for those people at Christmas time, who have everything and you just cannot figure out what it is you could give them so please stop by.

You can have a look at the Coronet, or just give the hotel a call, 306-764-6441, and we’re happy to take all your information, you can pull up a front and we’ll deliver it to the door.

We look forward to seeing and you have fun getting all those Christmas presents this year.