Wouldn’t it be great if you could stand out and cultivate an audience of people who want to hear from you on social media, eagerly looking for your content. This is one of the hardest things business people face. Many businesses feel like they’re posting into the wind with no response.

You need to generate the ‘scroll-stop type of interest if you’re hoping to get a return on the investment of your time.

Often, because of the time it takes time to do that, they stop doing it. Then they’ve created a self-fulfilling prophecy which becomes a belief that “social media doesn’t work for my business.”

It’s understandable that someone would feel that way. You don’t have time to waste. You do need need engagement.

Here are a few proven techniques you can use to achieve that.

Engaging Facebook posts include:

  • a strong image: will “stop the scroll”
  • a personality:  the company’s personality/brand
  • a point: use the post to inspire, educate, or entertain
  • an invitation: it doesn’t have to be a call to action, but it should have an implied invitation to get to know you better

Keep these things in mind when you’re creating your posts. As well, remember the 80/20 rule. Approximately 80% of your content should be about things your audience is interested in. 20% can be about your offers or company.

Now let’s help you engage your audience.


Engaging others with in questions is the best way to create conversation. Find out what they find interesting and ask them about that topic.

On Facebook, we all want to post about what we’re doing. On a business page this turns people away; if it’s all you do.

Post about what you are doing, but do it in a way that piques interest. For example, post a vacation picture and ask if they know where you are. Or ask if anyone else has been there. These types of posts will inspire people to comment.

Keep It Positive

it’s generally good advice for your business to stay positive. It inspires confidence in your business and even the community.

People have enough disheartening information in their lives. Being a center of good feelings creates a safe harbour for them. Good news posts make people feel that they can come to you for inspiration.

If you do need to share something negative, share them from a place of understanding or thankfulness.

Share Important and Unique Information

Giving people a peek at your personal life helps to connect at an emotional level. And connections create loyal customers.

Share things about your life that others can identify with. Pets doing silly things, funny stories, an interesting coincidence, or even your intense love or hatred of a food make you unique. It helps people identify with you which helps build relationships.

When posting for business, people are often hesitant to open up. They want to keep it all business, but these are the most common things you can do.

If you have set a goal to build a connection with your audience, engage them in the same way you would do in person. Let them know they are important to you, and they will welcome the opportunity to talk about things they are interested in.