The Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the election of four new directors and two incumbents to its’ Board.

Brenda Byers, Cody Demerais, Collette Harnett and Donna Pfeil were elected as new directors.  Two directors, Clayton Clark and Tanya Tootoosis, were re-elected. There were nine contenders running to fill six vacancies, with the Chamber membership casting votes electronically during the month of May. The positions will become effective at the Chamber AGM on September 21, 2021.

Of the election, incoming Chair Bill Powalinsky said he found it, “gratifying and exciting to see the interest in the business of the Chamber. As a volunteer organization, the Chamber depends on the contribution of its members in many ways, one of them being the commitment required of board of directors.  The new directors bring an impressive range and diversity of skills, experience and personal attributes that will increase the depth of the Chamber Board.  We also appreciate the contribution of the out-going directors.  I am looking forward to the exciting year ahead with the blend of current and new Chamber Board Directors.”

Current Board Chair Tracy Feher provided the following statement as she moves to the Past Chair position on the Board.

“It has been my pleasure to act as Board Chair this year and what a year it has been.   I am grateful to the current Board of Directors for their guidance and expertise while we navigated Zoom meetings, livestreaming events, masks and physical distancing while trying to stay connected to each other and to you.   I am excited by the number of people interested in serving on the Chamber Board as well as the variety of experience and expertise they bring. The Chamber is strengthened by diversity and inclusion as it seeks to reflect our business community. Connected, reflected and supported.  I am pleased to become Past chair and welcome Bill Powalinsky into the role of Chair.  I am grateful to those board directors whose terms are now complete. Thank you so much for your time, energy and experience.  We are all better for it.  We encourage you to become involved with the Chamber, to attend events as they become available and be involved. But most of all we look forward to seeing you in person very soon.”

New Board Directors introduced.

Brenda Byers was born in Prince Albert and grew up in the MacDowall area. She started an IT consulting business, BIT Consulting Ltd to give back to the IT industry and to the Province.

Brenda believes serving on the Prince Albert Chamber will help her to give back to businesses. “I love, Saskatchewan! I am helping to launch a business network, so I will be spending a lot of time building relationships with business owners in the Prince Albert area.”


Cody Demerais owner of Limitless Gear Clothing is a Metis Entrepreneur born and raised in Prince Albert.

“I use to sneak out of my bedroom when I was a kid to play an old arcade game “Lemonade Stand” trying to find the best combinations and price points to make your virtual stand not only survive but thrive as well. Today, as a 27-year-old young man I get to run my own little shop, Limitless Gear Clothing and get to do the very thing I enjoy doing!”

Cody says his love of small business and the community have been enhanced by incredible mentors and fantastic connections. “In saying this it is my honor and privilege to be on the board to help our home progress forward!”


Colette Harnett has 12 years of experience as a Funeral Director and Embalmer at River Park Funeral Home. She also helps her husband run their small business Ampire Electric. As a third generation businesswoman she sees first hand how important it is to have a thriving community.

“I believe small businesses are the heart of every community,” says Colette. “By joining as a Director I can help make the decisions that allow those business the best chance to prosper, while sharing with them opportunities, resources, information, and events that the Chamber have to offer.”



Donna Pfeil was raised on a farm in central Saskatchewan. moving to the city in junior high and making her home here since. Three years ago, she made the decision to be a part of the employee buyout of the Prince Albert Daily Herald, where she serves as president and publisher.

Donna has a strong vision for this community. “Supporting local is about more than just shopping local,” she explains. “We need strong community clubs, organizations, non-profits and businesses. We cannot idly watch our community struggle and accept businesses closing and organizations folding. We need to support each other and recognize that our community does not end at the city limits. New ideas and ways of thinking are needed to move forward.”


Clayton Clark is Co-Owner of Asiil Enterprises Ltd and has lived the Prince Albert Area his whole life.

Clayton is passionate about continuing his work on the Chamber board. “I believe the Chamber has the responsibility to ensure growth and positivity among the businesses in the community and I want to be a part of the positive change.”


Tanya Tootoosis is a 22 year employee at Northern Lights Casino, serving in Integrity Management for the past 13 years.

Tanya is looking forward to another two-year term with the Board. “I am committed to serving the Chamber of Commerce in support of our local businesses. I support the Chambers mandate in its goal to enhance the economic and social environments, through advocacy, support and education for the City of Prince Albert.”




This is one of the most diverse board the Chamber has had since Hildebrandt started her CEO role in 2018.  “It is a privilege to work for this Board and the members of the Chamber of Commerce and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.”